Save Your Skin Weekly Flashback! [August 28th-September 4th]

Welcome to the Save Your Skin Foundation media flashback- your weekly guide to the melanoma landscape, and the activities of the Save Your Skin Foundation! First off, we’d like to thank everyone who has tuned in to our last webinars, a post-ASCO review with Dr. Omid Hamid, and “Choosing the Right Sunscreen” with Renée-Claude Lachapelle! If you are interested in learning more about melanoma and are located on Vancouver Island, we’d love to see you at the forum we are running on October 6th in Nanaimo, B.C., with our friends at La Roche-Posay and Leo Pharma! It will be hosted by Dermatologist Dr. Gabriele Weichert, and melanoma survivors Nigel Deacon and Meloney Edghill! More details can be found in the banner below.




Here are some links we shared with you this week:

-These amazing New York Times articles covering the emergence of immunotherapy and the story of one man’s intensive treatments

This piece in BC Cancer Foundation’s Partners in Discovery about NeTracer, a radionuclide therapy program that is set to begin in BC within the year

This video on Oncology Tube in which Dr. Omid Hamid discusses the future of immunotherapy and new clinical trials

This piece in News Medical about iris melanoma- Always wear sunglasses!

These sun safety tips from Doctors Nova Scotia

This piece on Dr. Yvette Lu’s blog debunking sun safety myths

This American Academy of Dermatology guide to skin self exams

These sun safety tips from Sunburn Alert

This Express article about the dangers of burning while driving

This Aim at Melanoma Foundation guide to a skin self-exam


Thanks for reading! Remember to keep checking the UV index to see if you should be wearing sunscreen, even as the weather turns more grey!