How to get the most out of Virtual Care

What is Virtual Care?


Virtual Care allows you to connect to a healthcare provider other than by in office
appointment such as video or phone. You can use your smartphone or log onto
your computer from the comfort of your home or office. Virtual Care services are
covered under most provincial health plans (excluding dental).


Download or Print pdf Copies Here:


Virtual Care Booklet


Virtual Care Checklist


Summary of booklet


These resources are meant solely as a starter guide. Modify and customize to your needs.


1. Before your appointment
• Book Your Appointment
• Prepare for Your Appointment


2. At the time of your appointment
• Check-in online or answer phone call
– Connect with a Doctor and Managing your Virtual Care
• Take notes from the appointment
• Determine if follow-up appointment is needed


3. After your appointment
• Review and follow-up

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