2023 Opdualag™ Submission Survey Results: Save Your Skin Foundation developed this survey to gather patient experiences regarding the use of Opdualag™ as a treatment for adult cutaneous melanoma in stage III unresectable or stage IV melanoma.

2023 Paxlovid® Submission Survey Results: Data gathered from the survey “Experiences with Paxlovid(R) as a Treatment for COVID-19, ” developed by Save Your Skin Foundation for CADTH and INESSS submission regarding Paxlovid® as a treatment for COVID-19.

2023 Keytruda™ Submission Survey Results: Data gathered from the survey “The Patient Experience: Systemic Treatment of Adult Cutaneous Melanoma”.

2022 Treatment Plan Decision-Making Survey Results: Data gathered from the survey “Patient Survey: Treatment Plan Decision-Making”.

2022 KIMMTRACK for OM Patients Survey Results: Data gathered from the survey “The Patient Experience: Treatment of Patients with Ocular Melanoma”.

2020 Leger Survey Results: A survey of adult Canadians, conducted by Leger in March 2020 in collaboration with Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. and Save Your Skin Foundation, shows gaps in knowledge about melanoma skin cancer.

These report are distillations of the melanoma data presented in the Canadian Cancer Society Statistics Reports 

NEW! April 2022: 2021 Canadian Melanoma Statistics Distillation

October 2019: 2019 Canadian Melanoma Statistics Distillation
And a Quick Reference: 2019 Canadian Melanoma Statistics Summary

September 2018:  2018 Canadian Melanoma Statistics Distillation

June 2017: 2016-2017 Canadian Melanoma Statistics Distillation

To read the full reports on Canadian Cancer Statistics, produced by Canadian Cancer Society, Statistics Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada and Provincial/Territorial Cancer Registries, click here.

These reports summarize important information presented at the annual ASCO conference, including data from trials relating to melanoma, non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSC), and uveal (ocular) melanoma. Please keep in mind that ASCO is an international association, and therefore studies outlined in this report are not exclusive to Canada.

2023 – Chicago, Illinois: ASCO 2023 Report

2022 – Chicago, Illinois: ASCO 2022 Report

2021 – Virtual Meeting: ASCO 2021 Report

2020 – Virtual Meeting: ASCO 2020 Report

2019 – Chicago, Illinois: ASCO 2019 Report

2018 – Chicago, Illinois: ASCO 2018 Report

 2017 – Chicago, Illinois: ASCO17 Report: Important Considerations for Decision-Makers

Every year Save Your Skin Foundation provides hundreds of Canadians with melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer with information about drug trials and new treatment options. They collaborate with health technology assessments and government bodies to push for timely and equal access to new treatments.