Mindfulness is a practice of paying attention, on purpose, in an intentional way, to the present moment without judgement. Being mindful is a way of being that we all have access to and can cultivate through proven techniques that guide us in working with our bodies and minds to be in the present moment. Mindfulness offers strategies and perspective that we can connect with to be more present and less reactive in all our experiences, whether those experiences are wonderful or disheartening. Below is a list of strategies and resources to support you in bringing mindfulness practices into your day.

Strategies for being Mindful

Mindful Appreciation & Gratitude is designed to cultivate awareness of those things in our lives that we appreciate.

  1. Mindful Appreciation in ten fingers – Brilliantlivinghq.com

  2. How to Practice Gratitude – Mindful.org

Positive affirmations, when practiced deliberately and repeatedly, can reinforce chemical pathways in the brain, making the connection between two neurons stronger, and therefore more likely to conduct the same message again​.

  1. 7 Affirmations for Self-Healing – The Chopra Center

  2. Affirmations for Balance in Life, Mind & Groundedness Meditation: Today, I am Grounded – Jason Stephenson

A body scan is a meditative practice in which you focus on each part of every area, often beginning at the toes and moving to the head.

    1. Body Scan Exercise, Jon Kabat-Zinn​ – Be You Fully YouTube

    2. The Body Scan – Elisha Goldstein YouTube

    3. 15-Minute Meditation: Body Scan – Living Better YouTube

Mindful observation is designed to connect us to the beauty of our natural environment.

1. Mindfulness Exercises – The Guided Meditation Site

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