The goal of the I’m Living Proof initiative is to ensure that those diagnosed with melanoma know that survival is possible. This website is intended to provide a wealth of information, resources, and support to those touched by the disease, while connecting you to a network of survivors who have shared their stories.  If you wish to share your story or to connect with other survivors, email or take a look at our map to meet fellow survivors.


Resource for Survivors from NCCN Helps Guide Life After Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Two NCCN Guidelines for Patients® are focused on healthy living and managing late and long-term side effects, and include appropriate ongoing screening for recurrence.  The books Survivorship Care for Healthy Living and Survivorship Care for Cancer-Related Late and Long-Term Effects provide jargon-free roadmaps for what comes next after initial cancer diagnosis and therapy.

Save Your Skin Foundation is pleased to have provided endorsement for the books, as well as several quotes from skin cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers in our own community!  Kathy, Mike, Chris, Yvonne – and many more – have offered their helpful words of wisdom to all who read these.  And they join the ranks of SURVIVOR TV show winner and cancer survivor, Ethan Zohn, who can attest that “Getting a cancer diagnosis is scary. Surviving cancer can be even more scary.”

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With Love, me

Introducing “With Love, Me” – a new program featuring powerful stories written by cancer survivors and caregivers. “With Love, Me” cancer survivors and caregivers write moving letters to their former selves

These are the courageous stories of people who have faced cancer — either as loving caregivers or fierce survivors — who are now sharing their hard-earned wisdom in letters to their former selves in “With Love, Me,” presented by Merck’s Your Cancer Game Plan.  Click here to visit the website at With Love, Me

Survivorship Today

On behalf of Bristol-Myers Squibb, we are pleased to share that the company is introducing a program called Survivorship Today: What It’s Like to Live with Cancer, which builds on the video series about life with cancer that launched in July 2018.

The cancer community is only just beginning to understand the long-term impacts of living with cancer. During a time of rapid progress in cancer research and treatment, we need to do more to bring attention to what it means to live with the disease today, to raise awareness of available resources and to inspire action to address emerging survivorship needs and challenges.

Survivorship Today will share the stories of people affected by cancer across the country in an effort to bring to light the diverse experiences of cancer survivorship, whether a person identifies as a survivor, as living with the disease or in another way. Click here to visit the program website at

The Rewrite Cancer Innovation Challenge

Recent advances in testing and genomic profiling have started to improve the way patients and physicians can identify the optimal treatment path based on specific tumour biomarkers. However, access to the right testing at the right time can vary by geography.  How do we improve awareness and availability of testing in community care and rural settings to ensure patients receive the most appropriate treatment for their cancer?  Was there a moment in your cancer experience that could be improved through critical thinking and innovation? Help identify the moments that could become part of the Rewrite Cancer Innovation Challenge.

Cancer Survivorship – ASCO answers

As you finish cancer treatment, you might be wondering: What happens next? The answer is different for every person. Some people return to the lives they were leading before their diagnosis, while the lives of others are significantly changed by their cancer experience. The challenge for every survivor is figuring out how to return to everyday life while adjusting to the effects of the disease and its treatment. Click here to READ MORE – excerpt from “Trusted Information to Help Manage Your Care from the American Society of Clinical Oncology”

Melanoma Just Got Personal

Melanoma is a personal journey, different for every patient and every friend or family member. It’s a personal disease, with different causes, symptoms, courses of progression, treatments and prognosis. It’s useful to know about the disease as you make your own personal journey with melanoma.  This website is also intended to provide information and resources for you to get personal with advanced melanoma – to learn about it and to be inspired and helped by others who have already been on the journey:


Making awareness and education available is crucial. Since 2006, the Foundation has worked to raise awareness of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers focusing on education, prevention and the need for improved patient care.