Hot Lucy is Rockin’ for the Cause


Terry Fay, Investment Advisor, is also a rockstar. The band he drums for, Hot Lucy, played their first benefit for Save Your Skin at The Yale Hotel in 2009, and they have been rockin’ for the cause every year since. Terry met Kathy’s sister Rose in 2006 through work, and proposed a musical benefit as a low-risk way for Save Your Skin to raise money when it was a young charity. Hot Lucy has played many charity gigs, and are used to the risks that come with them. When we spoke, Terry explained: “the thing about benefits is that you learn a bit about what they’re doing and you start to get scared about getting any of those diseases. Melanoma scares the life out of me now!” Save Your Skin is a favourite charity to support for Hot Lucy because, instead of being one of many bands, Terry tells me that “Save Your Skin has evolved from having a number of acts to basically just Hot Lucy”. Evidently, Save Your Skin is a good organization to be associated with. “Save Your Skin is an amazing charitable organization that’s helping a lot of fantastic people,” he said, “We’re proud to be a part of it, and help in any way we can.” Hot Lucy is helping the foundation this year by playing a fundraiser on May 21st at the Media Club with “dance pop” band Apollo’s Crush. Tickets are $15, and include a free drink. The event also boasts a silent auction, a 50/50 draw, and a guaranteed good time. What kind of music will Hot Lucy be playing? Terry describes it as “an alternative rock band with a mix of some pop classics. A little bit high energy, aggressive, and somewhat in-your-face. Hopefully when we’re finished the night the adrenaline is flowing, and everybody is feeling like they can take on the world.” A band that generates such feelings is appropriate for a foundation that is, as Terry says, “based on the strength of Kathy.” If you want to be a part of the rush, come check out Hot Lucy at the Media Club on Thursday, May 21st!

Written by Taylor