Thanks To Everyone Who Joined Us For Our Safe Rays Snow Days Event!

On Feb 22nd, a team of Save Your Skin Volunteers headed up to the lodge at Cypress Mountain to help spread the word about the importance of protecting your skin during the winter months. With record snowfall that day, the lodge was packed! We spent our time handing out information, Save Your Skin tattoos and the crowd favourite, Save Your Skin stickers! With kids’ camps in full swing, we had tons of children stopping by and putting stickers on their helmets – we think this is a great place for a reminder to wear sunscreen year-round (for both parents and kids).

We’d like to thank Cypress Mountain for their hospitality – and we’d also like to send a big shout out to Earls Restaurants for helping us sweeten the deal with a $50 gift certificate! Entrants to the Earls GC contest were asked to apply sunscreen to exposed skin, and while the UV index was moderately low that day (as stated by ourfavourite free UV app) the response was overwhelming. One applicant (a kids camp ski instructor) stated to his devoted pupils while he slathered on sunscreen, that he ‘wears sunscreen all day every day no matter what the weather – even if it’s a snowstorm out’! Going on to say that it’s a habit made easier by the plethora of great beauty products and lotions that have SPF 15 or more. Now that’s a habit Save Your Skin can get behind!…and based on the adoring stares of the children in his camp, this was a message that stuck like the snow to the trees outside and the stickers to their helmets!

Our biggest thank you however, goes out to the people and families that stopped by and shared their stories. With over 6,000 Canadians diagnosed with melanoma a year, the chances are high that you, or someone you know has been touched deeply by the disease.

Help us spread the message that if caught early, skin cancer is one of the more curable forms of cancer – but the best treatment for the disease is prevention. Winter enthusiasts, children, parents – no one is immune to harmful effects of the sun – learn more here.

Make sure you visit our Facebook page for pictures of the event and to see what people said about the event on twitter (@saveyourskinfdn), search our official #saferayssnowdays hashtag!