Save Your Skin Partners with the Quebec Cancer Foundation

It is with great pride that the Quebec Cancer Foundation and Save Your Skin Foundation announce that they have joined forces in order to optimize the support offered to people living with cancer and their loved ones.

This partnership agreement will allow French-speaking people in Canada who are affected by skin cancer and ocular melanoma to be better served and to have better access to telephone support in French.

Save Your Skin Foundation will now be able to offer telephone support to its French-speaking clientele—in Quebec but also in the rest of the country—by redirecting them to the documentalists and experienced oncology nurses of the Quebec Cancer Foundation’s Info-cancer Services.

For the Quebec Cancer Foundation, the goal is to get closer to the people by going wherever they were not present before and to give support to those who need it, regardless of their type of cancer.

Save Your Skin Foundation will thus be able to offer its clientele all the benefits of the three components of the Quebec Cancer Foundation’s Info-cancer Services.

First of all, they will have access to the Info-cancer hotline, which allows them to talk to experienced oncology nurses who, in total confidentiality, can give answers and reassurance on all aspects of cancer. If necessary, they can also be referred to a free consultation service with a nutritionist or psychologist.

Info-cancer Services also includes the Info-cancer Library—the largest specialized French-language library of its type in North America. It contains a vast collection of books on every aspect of cancer and on ways of living better with the disease. Loans are free and sent by mail, anywhere in Quebec.

Finally, they will be able to benefit from the telephone peer matching service, which allows people affected by cancer or loved ones to be paired with specially trained sympathetic volunteers who have had a similar cancer experience. These volunteers are there to provide moral support and practical information to anyone affected by cancer—from the time of diagnosis, throughout the treatments, and even afterwards.

Through this partnership, Save Your Skin Foundation and the Quebec Cancer Foundation are consolidating their goals of supporting the community with sensitivity and humanism, of improving their ways of doing things, of defending the interests of people affected by the disease, and of mobilizing their forces to address important issues.

“Getting a cancer diagnosis is never easy. Having more information can help you feel more in control. Save Your Skin Foundation wants to bring hope and support to all those who are newly diagnosed, undergoing treatment, or in remission. We invite all skin cancer and ocular melanoma patients to contact us at any time.” says Kathy Barnard, President of the Save Your Skin Foundation and melanoma survivor.

For the Quebec Cancer Foundation, this agreement is essential, as is the development of new partnerships. “Joining forces with new partners such as the Save Your Skin Foundation will allow us to help more people affected by cancer. By working hand in hand with other organizations, we are no longer duplicating our services but, on the contrary, working to develop complementary services for the benefit of the thousands undergoing this ordeal.” says Marco Décelles, Director General of the Quebec Cancer Foundation.