Patients Redefining Healthcare Summit

Join Save Your Skin Foundation, Canadian Psoriasis Network, Schizophrenia Society of Ontario, and other patient groups for the fourth annual Summit,  A Dose of Reality: Patients Redefining the Future of Health Care in Canada. This year’s Summit builds on the last three Summits which provided an unprecedented opportunity for patients, caregivers and patient representatives from diverse disease and disability groups to come together to discuss a shared vision for health care in Canada.

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This year’s Summit will update participants on what’s happening in health care across the country to improve value for patients. Summit topics will focus on current Value-Based Health Care initiatives in Canada and on federal health care plans. In addition, the Summit will invite key representatives from each province to share health policy updates and discuss their current and/or potential impact on provincial health care systems and on patients. The event will also strive to renew the mandate of the patient working groups for 2020.

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Save Your Skin Foundation
Canadian Psoriasis Network
Schizophrenia Society of Ontario