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Webinar – Living with Cancer: Survivorship & Mental Wellness

Date/Time:  November 23, 2022 – 5pm-6:30 pm PT / 8pm-9:30 pm ET

This webinar will focus on the experience of cancer survivors and the importance of mental wellness from the perspective of four women with unique backgrounds and experiences in the cancer space. Shannon Gaudette, a melanoma stage 4 survivor, will talk about her physical and emotional wellbeing throughout her cancer experience. She will be followed by Antonella Scali, Executive Director of the Canadian Psoriasis Network and the daughter of a cancer survivor, who will talk about the results of a survey completed by All.Can Canada and implications for mental health and the need for psychosocial supports. Then, Kathy Barnard, president of the Save Your Skin Foundation and a melanoma stage 4 survivor, will talk about her experience as a long-time survivor. Finally, Lyanne Westie, SYSF wellness support consultant, will present on the importance of mental wellness in all aspects of life. These short presentations will be followed by a discussion between the four presenters, with time for questions from webinar attendees.

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  • Kathy Barnard, President, SYSF, melanoma stage 4 survivor
  • Antonella Scali, MSW RSW, Executive Director, Canadian Psoriasis Network
  • Shannon Gaudette, melanoma stage 4 survivor
  • Lyanne Westie, SYSF wellness support consultant
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Melanoma Patient Survey for World Mental Health Day

A cancer diagnosis of any kind takes a toll on the mental health of those who receive it; feelings of anxiety, fear, and depression are common while adjusting to the uncertainty of a new life with cancer. World Mental Health day is October 10, and this year Save Your Skin Foundation is hoping to shed some light on the affects of a melanoma diagnosis on the mental health of patients and survivors.

By taking our survey anonymously, as either a patient or survivor, you will be providing us with insight regarding the need for emotional support among those diagnosed with melanoma, how these needs change in the transition period from patient to survivor, and how to provide the best support possible for anyone in this process.

We appreciate your taking this survey before September 25, and hope that you will share it with anyone you may know who has experienced a melanoma diagnosis. With your help, we hope to improve the ways we address mental health support for melanoma patients.  Stay tuned for the report we will compile from the survey! The survey is now closed, thank you for your feedback. 

Updated October 10, 2017: Please click here to read the report ~ SYSF Survey: Melanoma Patients and Mental Health, 2017


More information about World Mental Health Day can be found here.

For any questions or additional information, please feel free to contact us.

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