SYSF Webinar: Treatment Options for Melanoma Patients in the Adjuvant Setting

Join us for this free webinar, which reviews the latest news and clinical data related to melanoma treatment in the adjuvant setting, as presented in the 2018 conference season.

‘Adjuvant’ refers to patients with a stage II or stage III diagnosis. The majority of adjuvant patients typically undergo surgery to have their tumour(s) removed, but are not given immunotherapy or targeted therapy to prevent recurrence of the disease despite a known high-risk of relapse and mortality. Melanoma is an aggressive cancer; stage III melanoma means the cancer has spread from skin cells into the lymphatic system, and poses a dangerous risk for spread to organs, which is what depicts a stage IV diagnosis.

Dr. Claveau shares his key insights into what the landscape of adjuvant melanoma immuno-oncology treatment looks like for the near future in Canada. Dr. Adrian Gunaratne details the science behind targeted therapy and what is coming for Canadian melanoma patients in the adjuvant setting with a BRAF positive mutation. The discussion continues with a patient and a caregiver both having had treatment access challenges in the adjuvant melanoma setting, and how their experiences impacted their lives and that of their families.


  • Dr. Joel Claveau, Medical Oncologist, Hotel-Dieu de Quebec, Université Laval, Quebec City, QC
  • Adrian Gunaratne, PhD, Medical Science Liaison – Solid Tumors, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada
  • Natalie Richardson, Adjuvant Melanoma Patient, Managing Director, Save Your Skin Foundation
  • Eyyub Hajiyev, Caregiver to a loved one recently diagnosed with melanoma in the adjuvant setting