SYSF Webinar: Merkel Cell Carcinoma

Webinar Recording Available!

Merkel Cell Carcinoma, From Diagnosis to Treatment

With Presenter:  Marco A. J. Iafolla, MD, MSc, FRCPC

Medical Oncologist, Skin and GU Malignancies, Department of Oncology, William Osler Health System

Click here to watch the recording: Merkel Cell Carcinoma: From Diagnosis to Treatment

Description:  Dr. Marco Iafolla, Medical Oncologist at William Osler Health System, reviews the latest news, clinical data and other updates as they relate to the treatment of merkel cell carcinoma (MCC), a rare yet aggressive non-melanoma skin cancer.  Dr. Iafolla provides an update on the science behind primary and metastatic MCC diagnosis, an overview of the disease features, staging and prognostication, surgery and treatment options including immuno-oncology for MCC, and the impact of all of this to patients.

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