Save Your Skin Weekly Flashback! [Sept 5-11]

Welcome to the Save Your Skin Foundation media flashback- your weekly guide to the melanoma landscape, and the activities of the Save Your Skin Foundation! This week, we are excited to point you towards the most recent publication Save Your Skin has been involved in, CONSENSUS REPORT: Recognizing non-melanoma skin cancer, including actinic keratosis, as an occupational disease- A Call to Action,” in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology! We’d also like to remind you of our next event, our “Mountain or Mole Hill?” skin cancer forum in Nanaimo, BC, on October 6th! Details can be found in the banner below.




Here are some links we shared with you this week:

-A reminder to check out our “Melanoma Through my Lens” project, if you haven’t already!

This blog post by Doris Day, M.D., about the importance of sunscreens and choosing the right one for you

This Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guide to sun safety for children, which includes resources about sun safety for students

This article from the Canadian Cancer Society’s Research Information Outreach Team about the emergence of oncolytic virus therapy

This story in The Globe and Mail about Dr. Brian Day’s fight to lift the ban on paid-for private health care for “medically necessary” care


Thanks for reading, and be sure to stay sun safe even when the weather is cooling off!