Save Your Skin Weekly Flashback! [July 9th-15th]

Welcome to the Save Your Skin Foundation media flashback- your weekly guide to the melanoma landscape, and the activities of the Save Your Skin Foundation! We’ve been very prolific on social media this week, as you’ll see by the links below, and we posted a blog about regional melanoma statistics in Canada, which you can check out here. If you’re just discovering Save Your Skin, or you haven’t looked recently, be sure to drop in on our survivorship initiative I’m Living Proof– we’re working on translating all survivor stories into French!



Here are some links we shared with you this week:

This Medivizor article about the effects of stereotactic radiosurgery on brain metastasized melanoma

This article in The Brownsville Herald about Super Ray and the Sunbeatables- a sun safety curriculum being rolled out in six Texas primary school districts!

This article in EurekAlert about a study by the Melanoma Research Alliance and Brown University which found that pre-screening of patients for melanoma did not see an increase in dermatologist visits or surgical treatments

This article in High Times about the University of Canberra and Cann Pharmaceutical Australia’s efforts to develop medical-grade cannabis therapy to melanoma patients

The OHSU Dermatology War on Melanoma registration page

This article in The Skin Cancer Foundation Journal about keeping toddlers and babies sun safe

This piece from ABC 6 Action News in Philadelphia about melanoma development in adolescents

This eyelid melanoma case study in The New England Journal of Medicine

This Jama Dermatology review in which the partners of melanoma patients were trained in skin-examination and identifying potential new melanoma

This CBC News article about a gene variant that may cause redheads to have increased skin cancer risk

This New York Post guide to vetting the sunscreens you buy

pERC’s final recommendation for Cotellic and Zelboraf

This article in The Sydney Morning Herald about the increasing incidence of melanoma in Australia

This North Shore News piece about the Save Your Skin Foundation’s ten year anniversary and other achievements!


Thanks for reading, have a sun safe week!