Save Your Skin Weekly Flashback [July 2nd-8th]

Welcome to the Save Your Skin Foundation media flashback- your weekly guide to the melanoma landscape, and the activities of the Save Your Skin Foundation! We hope you had a fabulous and sun safe Canada Day long weekend. Thanks to the Toronto Blue Jays, Save Your Skin was able to donate tickets to the Peer Project and to the melanoma survivors featured in our campaign with the Melanoma Network of Canada, #notjustskincancer to a game, at which they also ran the #notjustskincancer campaign! A blog post by Natalie Richardson of The Impatient Patient about the day can be found here. Thanks Blue Jays!

Also this week, Save Your Skin Founder Kathy Barnard was on Roundhouse Radio’s Impact with Don Shafer segment alongside Mary-Jo Dionne and Dr. Joel Claveau, discussing the importance of using sunscreen! Give it a listen here.

If you’re looking to catch up on some reading, check out our recent blog posts “Understanding the Pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (PCPA) and How it Affects Those Fighting Skin Cancer” and “Melanoma in Canada: A Short Review of the Past Ten Years”.


Here are some links we shared with you this week:

This CTV News Atlantic interview with Dr. Ira Mellman about immunotherapy

This article in Metro Vancouver (featuring Save Your Skin Founder Kathy Barnard!) about checking your loved ones’ moles for possible melanoma

This response by the Urban Public Health Network to Environmental and Radiation Health Services Directorate’s document Consultation- Tanning Guidelines (warning: graphic images from page three onwards)

This Medpage Today video featuring Dr. Omid Hamid on the promising trial treatment T-VEC

This blog post by Save Your Skin’s pal Natalie Richardson over at The Impatient Patient about her sponsorship of the Meaford Soap Box Derby

This Pacific Dermaesthetics piece about EltaMD suncare products

This Huffington Post article about natural sunscreens

This Science Explorer piece about the effects of chemotherapy on the body and mind