The Save Your Skin Foundation Supports Lettres en main’s New Book about Skin

The Save Your Skin Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of the most recent edition of Lettres en main (which translates to ‘Letters in hand’ in English) – in this volume (no. 21), the topic is ’Skin’ in all its aspects and particularities. As a part of the text is devoted to education about skin cancer and the importance of sun protection and avoiding tanning salons, the Save Your Skin Foundation wished to help support the initiative.

Lettres en main is a popular Quebecois literacy group, which operates in Montreal with the main objective to help combat illiteracy. Among its many activities, the association develops and disseminates educational materials through its collection Les nouvelles connaissances usuelles – or ‘New common knowledge’ in English. The most recent edition (volume 21) highlights ‘skin’, in which the Save Your Skin Foundation contributed.

These booklets, designed primarily for people in a French literacy program, are written in simple vocabulary, in a fairly large print and include many illustrations to make them easy, accessible to many, and enjoyable to read. They touch on a variety of topics allowing readers to improve their reading skills while developing knowledge on topics of interest about every day life, such as environment, diet and the human body…

If you have a project related to skin cancer awareness and education, please contact us. We’d love to explore every opportunity for a collaboration or a partnership. Just send an email at or send us a message via our Facebook page.

couvert-print de La peau pour La Fondation Sauve ta Peau