Introducing Think Uveal Melanoma, by Immunocore

We are happy to share with you the launch of chapter 1 of a new Uveal Melanoma Disease Education Campaign website by Immunocore, (Note: Please use Google Chrome for the best user experience). We are pleased to endorse this website and to share it with our Medical Advisory Board and membership.

This initiative is an important milestone in educating and increasing the knowledge of ocular and uveal melanoma (UM) and its unique requirements, for healthcare professionals. This includes increasing the knowledge surrounding the diagnosis, referral, monitoring and treatment of UM, across the full spectrum of key stakeholders, such as Ophthalmologists, Ocular Oncologists, Retina Specialists, Medical Oncologists, in both community and academic centers.

This global campaign consists of three chapters that will be launched over the course of this year. Chapters 2 and 3 will educate healthcare professionals about the differences between uveal and cutaneous melanoma and the limitations of current treatment options. Global experts in the field of UM are partnering with Immunocore to create meaningful and relevant content. A multi-channel engagement campaign is surrounding the website to reach a broad range of key stakeholders and allowing for multiple virtual touchpoints.

Ultimately, Immunocore wants to

  • raise awareness of the unmet need in UM
  • educate physicians and other key stakeholders on metastatic UM (mUM) and the differences to metastatic cutaneous melanoma (mCM)
  • convey their commitment to exploring ways to address the distinct unmet needs of patients with UM


Click here to view the website, background information, and even an interactive module which simulates possible symptoms of UM: