Introducing “Redefining Cancer Treatment” by Merck

We are excited to announce that one of our partners, Merck, has launched an informative new website dedicated to educating the public about immuno-oncology. 

“Redefining Cancer Treatment” is an apt title for the topic: what is cancer immunotherapy, and how does it work, exactly? These questions are answered in a few pages and a downloadable infographic, all in language that is easy for patients and their caregivers to understand. discusses two main cancer types which are showing response to immuno-oncology treatments – Melanoma skin cancer, and Non-small cell lung cancer. It also has a page which lists all of the treatments currently available in Canada for the treatment of these diseases.  This example of collaboration and transparency is an excellent representation of the innovative attitude it takes for work in a field such as this to develop and, ultimately, save lives.

To view the website click here:     |    To view the two-page infographic please click here: Cancer Treatment at a Glance

Merck also has an interactive website listing enrolling clinical trials for their treatments, in cancer and in other indications.  Click HERE to view the site and search for your disease type: Merck Clinical Trials


We are grateful that Merck has taken this initiative to better support patients, and we applaud their efforts.  Redefining Cancer Treatment is a valuable resource and we hope to share this website far and wide, help to increase patients’ awareness of immuno-oncology and the options they may have when faced by melanoma skin cancer.