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World Melanoma Day 2019

May 13, 2019

Visit the Canadian Dermatology Association website for more information.

Incidence rates of melanoma have increased in both men and women over the past several decades, growing 2.1% per year in men from 1992 to 2013, and 2.0% per year among women for the same time period.

While increasing incidence rates are a cause for concern, the five-year survival rate of melanoma is second only to thyroid cancer, with females having a 92% survival rate, and males, 85%.

Early detection is key, and everyone should regularly perform a skin evaluation; consider asking your partner to check areas that can be hard to see on your own (back, neck, etc). You should see a certified dermatologist if you spot something suspicious.

The Canadian Dermatology Association supports the use of sunscreen as an effective and safe means to provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays. There is strong scientific evidence of the adverse effects of UV exposure in contrast to the hypothetical negative effects of sunscreen on your health. Seeking shade, wearing protective clothing, and using a broad spectrum sunscreen all help in providing safe sun protection.

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