Connecting Ocular Melanoma Patients across Canada

Ocumel Canada has opened up a private Facebook group, Ocular Melanoma Connect, to connect Canadian OM patients and caregivers. We are few in number, very spread out and often feel very alone. Together we will have a stronger voice. This group gives us an opportunity to connect with others, share experiences, imagine and advocate for better care and more services. Please consider joining us.

There is no intent to replace the many other international groups that we all belong to. The group also provides an opportunity to learn about what is happening in Canada to improve OM care. We look forward to meeting you! Welcome to this new meeting place!

We have also developed a contact card in electronic and printed form, intended for distribution at Ophthalmologist and Ocular Oncologist offices and clinics for patients and caregivers to see how to reach us.  Please click on the image below to download the pdf or email us to order the print version –

You can also visit the pages we have created the following pages to provide up-to-date links and resources:

Ocumel Canada – About Ocular Melanoma

Ocumel Canada – Helpful Links

Ocumel Canada – Resources and Support

View our February 2019 Webinar: Ocular Melanoma – Innovative Treatments and Beyond. Click here to view the recording, or watch it on our YouTube channel HERE

We hope that information and support will flow in two directions. If you find what you were looking for, or even if you don’t, please engage with us so we know how to constantly improve our efforts. Feel completely free to be in contact by email at or by phone at 1-800-460-5832.