Adjuvant Patient Survey: here is the full report!

In September 2018, Save Your Skin Foundation (SYSF) conducted an anonymous survey of melanoma patients in the adjuvant setting (diagnosed at a stage lesser than stage IV).  This survey, titled “Melanoma Treatments in the Adjuvant Setting,” was open globally, and we received responses from all over Canada as well as from the United States, New Zealand, and Australia.

The survey consisted of 28 questions, which ranged between multiple choice, multi-selection, and write-in, and participants had the option to skip any question. The goal of the survey was to assess the impact melanoma has on patients and their families and caregivers, and get a picture of the treatment plan of the average melanoma patient, what treatment access limitations they have encountered, and what they look for in potential treatment options.

The responses to this survey were used to inform SYSF submissions to provide direct patient feedback as treatment recommendations to pCODR and INESSS.  We provided these submissions with all of the patient comments to support the message that melanoma patients in the adjuvant setting need access to immuno-oncology treatments to prevent their disease from growing into a stage IV diagnosis.

Thank you to all participants who took the time and care to share their perspectives.  We have every hope that the drugs in the pipeline for adjuvant will be approved in every province and territory in Canada.

To read the full Survey Report, please click HERE To request any additional information about the survey please feel free to email