A Letter to Santa from the Save Your Skin Foundation

Dear Santa,

We hope you have had a good year! You’re probably busy getting things ready for Christmas, and we’ve been busy over here at the Save Your Skin Foundation too! We have had a year full of raising money to support melanoma patients, advocating for the movement of new treatments, and connecting the melanoma community.

One of our last tasks before our holiday break this year is to send off our Christmas list to you. Our biggest hope is that while you’re riding your sleigh, especially in sunny climates, you will be sun safe! We know you’re good about wearing full coverage clothing and a hat, but be sure to wear sunscreen on exposed areas like your face, the backs of your hands, and the back of your neck. We also recommend adding some sunglasses to your gear to protect your eyes from the sun, especially in areas with glare from snow or when you are flying over the ocean.

We hope you take our advice regarding your own sun safety, but we’re also worried about protecting your reindeer! We suggest that you outfit them with some sunglasses as well, and perhaps some little Santa hats to protect the tops of their heads. You can never be too careful!

Besides asking you to be sun safe while you deliver presents, we do have a couple of other wishes this year… We would love it if you could distribute sunscreen along with presents, and help us to advocate against artificial tanning. We could also use a new coffee machine for the office.

Thanks Santa, and be sun safe out there!

The Save Your Skin Foundation